The Advisory Committee and its Sections

According to the DGS constitution, the advisory committee represents the DGS in the outlined sub-areas of semiotics and advises the executive board with respect to all specialized questions. The many sections of the DGS are organized in the advisory committee and form the scientific work of the society.

Tasks of the Advisory Committee

Some of the tasks that belong to the advisory committee include the following:

  • posing semiotic questions in the various domains of culture, economics, technology, art, and science
  • use semiotic methods of investigation and description in the practice of individual sciences
  • from these experiences, create a lasting discussion concerning the foundations of semiotics and its relationship to the individual sciences

The task of every member of the advisory board in his or her represented domain is thus to

  • become informed about all scientific goals and methods of a semiotic line of investigation
  • relay all of those interested in semiotics to the relevant contacts
  • bring semiotic workgroups into being and to carry out the investigation of particular semiotic inquiries
  • share the results of these experiences with other members of the advisory committee and the executive board


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