Forums Related to Semiotics

An active exchange in the field of semiotics is exciting and important not just for theoretical scientists, but also for experts in practical fields and for young, developing researchers. In addition to the possibilities for idea exchange offered by the general events, congresses of the DGS, and the journal, the members of the DGS offer you the possibility to pose questions, generate discussions, and stay up to date with current developments in the field via the forums.

Semiotics in the Social Web

The German Society of Semiotics can be found via the career network XING as well as on Facebook. Here we provide regular updates about current events, new publications, and much more relating to semiotics. We look forward to your contributions!

Semiotics Forum

The members of the DGS are active in research, teaching, and practice. The Semiotics Forum was developed with the aim of providing a platform for the exchange of research information and student questions about semiotic teaching and analysis—we welcome your lively participation! The semiotics forum is a non-commercial, scientific discussion platform for semiotics. It is meant to be an opportunity for the mutual exchange of information, discussions, and publications pertaining to investigations in semiotics, as well as for the documentation of semiotics in practice and for the elaboration of general understandings of signs and symbols.

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