The German Society for Semiotics

The objective of the society is to support research, teaching, and publications about semiotics in Germany as well as to promote international cooperation in the field of semiotics.

Here are some examples of things the German Society for Semiotics (DGS e.V.) works toward:

  • foundational research in semiotics in universities [Universitäten und Hochschulen]
  • application of the results of semiotic research in professional life
  • semiotic reflection on everyday life and aesthetic experience
  • teaching of semiotics in schools and universities [Universitäten und Hochschulen]
  • interdisciplinary cooperation in psychological, social, natural, and technical sciences
  • international cooperation in the arts and sciences

The DGS moreover promotes:

  • publications about semiotics in journals, books, and book series
  • young scientists studying semiotics in German-speaking territories

The institutional bodies of the DGS are:

  1. the executive board, consisting of three chairmen and an executive director
  2. the advisory committee, consisting of around 20 active members, which represents the above-outlined specialized fields to the DGS and advises the executive board with respect to all specialized questions
  3. the membership assembly, which meets every three years and votes for the executive board and advisory committee.


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