Becoming a Member of the DGS

Anyone may become a full-fledged member who is active in the area of semiotics, while anyone who supports the goals of the DGS ideologically and financially may become an associate member. The subscription to the Journal of Semiotics is included in membership. As a new member, one receives the journal automatically without having to order it.

The membership application may be filled out, signed, and sent to the executive office.


Regular member: 58,00 EUR
Student member: 38,00 EUR
Doctoral students: 38,00 EUR
Supporting members: min. 100,00 EUR

Please refer to our membership fee regulations for further details.

Bank Information

Bremer Landesbank in Oldenburg
Account number: 301 262 400 1
BLZ: 290 500 00
IBAN: DE54 2905 0000 3012 6240 01

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