DGS Junior Scientist Prize

The German Society of Semiotics (DGS e.V.) awards a scholarship to young researchers in all semiotic disciplines relating to cultural, psychological, and natural sciences.

All scientific works from young researchers that elucidate central semiotic processes of individuals and societies in outline and detail as well as from a diachronic and synchronic perspective are eligible for this prize. The submitted works should reflect upon foundational concepts in semiotics as well as be productive for the expansion of semiotic theory-building and contribute to its applicability to experience.


  • Dissertation projects from German-speaking territories will be considered that correspond to the usual scientific norms and that employ semiotic approaches, deal with semiotic investigations, or are oriented to semiotics in some other form.
  • The extent and scope of the submitted study should satisfy the usual standards for an innovative and foundational study in the framework of the corresponding discipline within which the study is originated.
  • Case-by-case analyses, broad analyses, as well as theoretical and/or methodological projects can be submitted.
  • The project should not be more than three years old at the time of its submission.

Application Documents

  • a short cover letter including brief details summarizing the stages of the dissertation process
  • curriculum vitae featuring scientific experience and accomplishments
  • doctoral certificate
  • project abstract of no more than one page in standard (DIN A4) format
  • electronic version of the project (in PDF-format; cannot be sent via post)

Application Deadline

The next prize will be awarded in 2020. Further information will be available in autumn 2019.

Selection Process

  • The German Society of Semiotics (DGS e.V.) selects the members of the jury from their advisory committee.
  • The jury makes its decision in advance of the International Congress via a non-public process and assigns someone from the DGS to announce the winner.
  • The decision is not subject to legal recourse.

The prize, in an amount of 2,000 Euros, will be conferred during the International Congress of the Society.

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