Journal of Semiotics

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Current Issues

Vol. 38

No. 1-2/2016: Biosemiotic Ethics (Summer 2017)

Vol. 37

No. 3-4/2015: Zeichen im öffentlichen Raum (Spring 2017)

No. 1-2/2015: Lachen als Zeichenprozess

Vol. 36

No. 3-4/2014: Inferentialismus

No. 1-2/2014: Architektursemiotik



The Journal of Semiotics (Zeitschrift für Semiotik, ZS) has been in print since 1979. It is the voice of the German Society of Semiotics and is issued in cooperation with the Swiss Society for Semiotics (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Semiotik). The ZS should offer all German-speaking semioticians the possibility of shared research information via the publication and discussion of the results of semiotic investigations, regardless of the sub-discipline(s) of the researchers.

Publishers and Editors

The editing team of the journal consists of:

  • Ellen Fricke (Chemnitz) – Editor
  • Roland Posner (Berlin) – Founder and Editor
  • Martin Siefkes (Chemnitz) – Editor and Coordinator
  • Christian Trautsch (Berlin) – Overseer of Event Calendar

Copyediting is undertaken by:

  • Tim Ihde (Chemnitz)
  • Tobias Naumann (Chemnitz)


Mailing Address

Prof. Dr. Ellen Fricke und Dr. Martin Siefkes
Zeitschrift für Semiotik
Technische Universität Chemnitz, Philosophische Fakultät
Professur Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft, Semiotik und Multimodale Kommunikation
09107 Chemnitz

For the delivery of envelopes and packages of all sizes:

09111 Chemnitz


Thüringer Weg 11
Raum 301
09126 Chemnitz

Telephone and E-Mail

You may reach us in the following way:

Informationen for Authors

If you would like to publish in the ZS, please write to the editors. Please also read our style sheet before submitting a suggested contribution.

Please note: The style sheet is currently being revised. Please contact the editors in order to obtain information about the current version.


Members of the German Society of Semiotics (DGS e.V.) receive the journal without additional costs: its cost is included within the subscription price. As a new member, one receives the Journal of Semiotics automatically. A regular subscription can be ordered via Stauffenburg Publications. Individual issues can also be received from the publisher.

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