Yearbook of Moving Images Studies


The official deadline for abstracts is February 28, 2020. The anonymous review feedback will
be given in March 2020. Long abstracts should be 600 to 900 words in length. Please send a
short biography, contact details and your abstract to Prof. Dr. Lars C. Grabbe and Prof. Dr.
Patrick Rupert-Kruse via: contact@movingimagescience.com. The official deadline for the
complete articles is July 17, 2020. The articles should be 5.000 to 7.000 words in length. If you
are interested to contribute an abstract and article you will find a style sheet online:
www.movingimagescience.com. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
the managing editors via mail.

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Kategorie:Call for Articles
Veranstalter:Prof. Dr. Lars C. Grabbe

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